After 20 years with the same organisation, and experiencing a vast number of different bosses, I realised the good ones took the time to work out how to manage me. The bad ones, and by that I mean the ones I did not like, the same ones that I did not try as hard for, they were the same ones I need not respect, well, they did not know how to manage me.

But who’s fault is that? There’s, or mine?

I don’t know, perhaps we’ll work that out together, but I know now that I could have tried harder to explain how I like to be managed. And that’s not an easy thing to do either! Easier said than done! But I’m older now, and wiser, I’ve been an employee and a manager, so I’ve seen this “issue” from both sides.

I have some ideas, a methodology if you like, that I think all employees at all levels could use to help gain the respect and support they need from their boss, and in return, feel so much better about their work that they become more productive and happy and that pays dividends all over the place, from colleagues to clients.

I welcome your input, we can develop this methodology together, a community project if you like.


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