Why Are You Visiting?

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I see several people each day seem to be coming to this website. Are you interested in Management discussion? Should I actually get on with this and engage and we can discuss management issues and ideas? Or are you looking for a UK based music management company that apparently used the same catch phrase or business name? If you’re interested in Management discussion in your job then I’ll actually start committing time to this site but there weren’t many visitors initially so I concentrated my efforts elsewhere.

Let me know please in the comments section.


  1. I once attended a meeting that discussed the importance of having a candide discussion with your boss as to how you like to be managed. I was hoping to get information on how to teach this topic to those that I employ.

    • Adam,

      Firstly, sorry it’s taken me some time to respond to you, you may have gathered I have not yet pursued this blog diligently.

      Without getting lost of information from you about the business you work in I would offer these thoughts and ideas that may help you help your staff.

      – Individuals must take responsibility for their own career and therefore for their own development, they cannot expect their employer to push them up and into better and better roles and responsibilities.
      – Once an individual genuinely accepts their responsibility for their own development, not just says they do, but demonstrates it by reading up on their industry, signing up for training in their own time, an online course perhaps, asking to be involved in projects not immediately associated with them, then the business should acknowledge their desire and determine what the business will do to help them grow.
      – Part of ensuring the individual has every possible chance to succeed requires them to communicate honestly with their manager as to how they like to be managed.
      – How they like to be managed includes the level of direction they like (which does have a lot to do with their competency level at the time too), how often they like to be reviewed (do they like a touch point daily, once a week, less?), are they comfortable with blunt feedback (not rude, but matter-of-fact, or do they get offended and therefore like the feedback to be “sugar-coated”?), and what personal circumstances they have (do they have to pick up children for instance, which affects their work hours)
      – You then need to make it very clear to them that they can be honest with you without fear of retribution of any time. They can be rude to you of course or insubordinate in any way, but they should be able to express their feelings to you. For example, if you approach them for an update in ear-shot of team members and they have bad news and are embarrassed that everyone heard the conversation, they need to be able to come to you and ask that you always ask for updates in private in future. You need to make a note on each individual ebcause it’s hard if you’re going to manage everyone to suit them rather than your business! Don’t underestimate how much attention you will have to pay to ensure you treat everyone differently, it’s flying in the face of what most businesses try to do, which is have everyone operate the same way.

      If you can afford an evaluation of each individual, this can be a powerful discussion starter. I remember using Hogan evaluations some time ago, the insight the provided on individuals was marvellous, see, I’m not affiliated in any way, I just thought it was the personal profiling or assessment result I had ever seen.

      I’d love to hear back from you on how you go if you have time, you’ve sparked some renewed interest in me on this subject, perhaps we could collaborate on some material as you go thru the process and record your experiences. Perhaps some guest posts on this site? Let me know.

  2. Dude. I’m American/US. I google searched “manage me.” Hardly can remember what I was thinking. Dude. I do not HAVE a job. I am a poet. If you want to have a discussion about management, go ahead. I study “economics” too. I have my own cottage industry writing economic theory outside (but of course, Wally!) the university or college or academe environs. I take you are from Merry Old England?

    • HI Jack,

      I’m in Australia. I’m glad you stopped by, I don’t give this site anywhere near the attention I should, hopefully I will start again this year. I guess the Economics funds your passion for poetry, that’s great and if you can start making money from poetry, even better!

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